• SPAL FInal
August 20, 2014

Soundpalette – The Underground | Future Beats Records

Many artists paint their pictures with colours; but few artists can paint with sounds on their colour palette. It is our great pleasure to introduce Soundpalette; a 22 year old producer from Maryland, USA who has embarked on an expedition to experiment to create the world’s most perfect song – an impressive challenge.

After learning musical theory from playing guitar in high school, Soundpalette has since been progressing and evolving his style to his present day trademark sound that carries a deep and emotional vibe within his music. Soundpalette is a newcomer to the scene, learning to produce using Ableton Live just 11 months ago and finding inspiration from all walks of life.

His forthcoming single ‘Questions’ is a complete genre crossover that will appeal to the forward thinkers of the EDM scene as well as the future beats lovers. Soundpalette is by no means just a producer, he is developing his live craft with the revolutionary Traktor S4 to compliment his capabilities gained from using the Ableton Push controller.

Keep up with Soundpalette on Soundclound @soundpal  and Twitter.com/soundpaIette