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September 10, 2014

Inscape – If I Were To Fall | Future Beats Records

Hailing from across the pond in Fairfax, Northern Virgina, USA comes Inscape; the only 19 year old producer, feeling catcher and undiscovered vibe creator you need to know about.

After releasing his EP under the self-titled moniker ‘Inscape’ on Bandcamp in April 2014, Inscape sent across some tracks to Complexion to premiere on The Future Beats Show on Westside 89.6FM and the audience instantly took a liking to his cosmic, downtempo melodies and his late night majestic aura.

As the second ever single release on Future Beats Records, If I Were To Fall is a beautiful insight into the mind of Inscape who now returns to the studio to work on his follow up EP and more!


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Photograph by instagram.com/msalisbu