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July 21, 2015

El Blanco Nino – Skyview EP

With an exclusive Hypetrak premiere, El Blanco Nino’s sophomore Future Beats release picks up from the end of his 2013 Begin2 EP which marked the reinvention of his production sound. Fast forward to 2015 he’s flipped it up again and evolved even further to push the frontiers of the juke genre that’s exploding over in New York.

The ever evolving NYC producer brings us his second Future Beats release titled ‘Skyview’ named after the apartment complex which hovers above The Bronx, giving Blanco an inspiring view which hits close to home. The title track of the EP was created with his close friend and collaborator BASSBEAR somewhere amongst the clouds on a flight from New York to LA.

Skyview presents a varied mix of emotions from track to track from the deep and mysterious beatflips with ‘Rest’ to the uplifting Kush Jones collaboration ‘Beyond’.

Mixing & Mastering by Angel “Amen” Mendez


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